Some of the most important things I have learned about teaching adults are the importance of viewing the adult learner as competent, having valuable knowledge to share, making theory relevant to current work in the classroom, and honoring the learner’s cultural background and experiences.

As an early education consultant, I focus on reflective practice, culturally relevant teaching, and developing anti-bias curriculum for young children and adults.

Being a part of Harvest Resources Associates, means much of my work with teachers and administrators happens by facilitating professional development in a “community of practice” model that promotes reflective teaching practices and leadership.

I have more than twenty years of teaching in early education and directing. I bring my skills and experiences as a teacher, leader and mentor, and a strong belief in the value of a play-based and emergent curriculum to my keynote presentations and workshops.

Also serving as an Adjunct Instructor, I work with and mentors students in the areas of play across the life span, cross-cultural communication, language development, working with multi/dual language learners, partnering with parents, and children’s literacy.

I received my Basic Core Certificate in Early Childhood Education from UCLA Extension followed by a BA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College with a concentration in Early Childhood Education, Emergent Curriculum, and Anti-bias Education. I also received my MA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks with a concentration in Leadership in Education and Human Services with sub-specializations in College Teaching/Teaching Adults.