Teaching & Play Series

Inspired by loose parts theory, play theory, and the belief that everyone needs shiny things in their lives.

Reflect on play as a crucial vehicle for intellectual, emotional and social development for though out the life span.

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Diversity/Anti-Bias Curriculum Series

This workshop begins with the understanding that young children notice skin color, gender, differences in physical abilities, and language and their connection to power.

We will explore what is Anti-Bias curriculum and it’s 4 goals.

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Reflective Practice Series

Inspired and informed by the thoughtful and joyful work of Harvest Resources Associates. this professional development for early educators encourages you to bring your full self to the session through shared stories, facilitated conversations, and exploring the essential questions our profession needs to ask.

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Leadership Series

This Ain’t Stand-up: Exploring Improvisation as a Useful Disposition for Educators

What does “being in the moment” with children actually mean? What can we learn from improvisation to bring to our teaching? Learn how playful, interactive exploration of improvisation and can infuse our interactions with children and other adults with positivity, intention, and attention to what’s compelling.

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Visionary Leadership Series

These related sessions explore our role as leaders in our programs, moving from administrators to pedagogical leaders.

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We like working with Ijumaa because she brings a great energy, enthusiasm, and wealth of knowledge to our community. She takes the time to listen and learn about who we are and then matches her professional development to our unique interests and contexts.

Christie Colunga, Early Childhood Education Faculty at Paradise Valley College in Phoenix, Arizona