Reflective Practice Series

Inspired and informed by the thoughtful and joyful work of Harvest Resources Associates, this professional development for early educators encourages you to bring your full self to the session through shared stories, facilitated conversations, and exploring the essential questions our profession needs to ask.

In the world of education, we are surrounded with ideas and methods of teaching – tips, tools, standards and curricula.   Each way we turn, we see articles and advertisements promising us results in the language espousing accountability.  As educators in programs, our days are filled with educating children, managing classrooms, working with other teachers, maintaining partnerships with families, paperwork, shifting expectations, and juggling the needs of multiple stakeholders.  It isn’t surprising that at the end of the day our heads are spinning; we feel tired, burnt out, and wondering what we’ve accomplished today with so many competing needs and interests.

We deserve more. We deserve a joyful work environment where there is intellectual engagement, where curiosity and wonder are encouraged. We deserve a place where mutual respect congeniality is the norm in our relationships. We deserve time to reflect and create quality experiences for children, We deserve stakeholders to take play seriously, but not too seriously. We deserve this and more…

In this series we will return to the joy of play and learning with children and adults. Over the three sessions, I ask you to pause and consider questions which shift the paradigm of our work:

  • What helpful disposition can I cultivate that supports me as a reflective and intentional educator?
  • What happens when I shift the focus from teaching to children to learning with children?
  • How can I frame my observations to understand what a child is accomplishing through their play?
  • What impact is my environment having on the quality of play experiences offered to children?
  • How can I integrate the Thinking Lens Protocol © into pre-existing curriculum frameworks?

We will do our learning and playing together in communities of practice and we will read and use experiences from the Reflecting With A Thinking Lens © workbook by Deb Curtis, Debbie Lebo, Wendy Cividanes, and Margie Carter.

This exploration of reflective practice builds on ideas introduced in Reflecting With A Thinking Lens © in an engaged, reflective framework which will help clarify concepts personally for participants as well as help create meaningful, program-unique next-steps.  I invite you to commit to this intentional place – where we come together and study, question, and do the complex work of teaching full of purpose, joy and grace.

Topics of exploration:

  • Reflective Practice
  • Examining your values
  • Cultivating helpful dispositions as an educator
  • Considering your image of the child
  • Engaging environments for childhood
  • Investigating materials
  • Studying the learning of children’s play

This series is delivered in 4 or 6 sessions in a weekly, monthly, or bimonthly format. Each session length is six hours. A 3 hour introduction session can be arranged.

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