Leadership Series

This Ain’t Stand-up: Exploring Improvisation as a Useful Disposition for Educators

What does “being in the moment” with children actually mean? What can we learn from improvisation to bring to our teaching? People sometimes define “doing improv” as doing whatever comes to mind…but improvisation, as a technique, encourages a mindfulness and attention to detail which could richly complement our current ways of being with children and the habits of the mind which we cultivate.

Come join us for a playful, interactive exploration of improvisation and how we can infuse our interactions with children and other adults with positivity, intention, and attention to what’s compelling.

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Keep Your Compass Close: Creating New Maps for New Times

When you are in unfamiliar territory, what guides you? Some of us turn to technology – that handy machine that tells us where to turn and exactly how far until we get there. Some of us use printed maps which may be out dated for a complex and constantly changing landscape, which can leave us lost and confused… however, we are interested in exploring how to create a guide we can use which is populated with people and landmarks of quality that matter and walk a path that is fashioned with intention.

In these times of change, we don’t need a set of pre-scripted directions to tell us where to go – we will work together to create our compasses, which will help us identify where we are in our work and keep us going in the right direction. Our profession is moving through tumultuous amounts of change; we can choose to look at this change as an obstacle or as part of the growing pains of our profession.

In order to thrive during these times of change, it is imperative that we, as educators, know what we are about, be able to articulate and communicate what we are about, and be able to translate those values and beliefs into action. Inspired by Paulo Freire, we too know we must “make the road by walking” – we look forward to supporting you as create the road you, your educators, and your children deserve.

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