Diversity & Anti-Bias Curriculum Series

The other ABC’s: An Introduction to Anti-Bias Curriculum (Part 1)

This workshop begins with the understanding that young children notice skin color, gender, differences in physical abilities, and language and their connection to power. We will explore what is Anti-Bias curriculum and it’s 4 goals. Through self-reflections, sharing stories of our lives, critically analyzing media, and playing Bingo (!?) you will gain knowledge about the distinct characteristics of an Anti-Bias Curriculum and how it differs from a multi-cultural/tourist curriculum and investigate ways to begin to integrate anti-bias practices into your current teaching practices and program.

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The other ABC’s: Implementing an Anti-Bias Curriculum (Part 2)

In continuing to explore and examine the ideas and concepts in Part 1, we will put our discoveries into practice.  In small groups you will examine environments that support an Anti-Bias Curriculum, practice using children’s literature as a way to promote the goals of anti-bias curriculum, consider using persona dolls as a way to engage children in social justice advocacy, and dramatizing common scenarios in implementing an Anti-Bias Curriculum. Although this is the end of a two part series it is part of a journey of creating a more justice and equitable education environment and world.

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Getting What We Deserve: Creating a Diversity Statement

Our work as educators puts us in a position to be exceptionally clear about the vision for an equitable and just classroom and work environment. What does that really look like in for our particular group? What do we most value about diversity? How can we remain accountable to living our our values in our work with children and families? In this highly interactive workshop, I will facilitate a process to support your group in documenting their values around diversity through the creation of a Diversity Statement. We will also discuss and plan how to ensure your vision matches with reality?   Come explore this idea of alignment and the power it has to support you and colleagues to make real change and lasting transformation.

Session time: 3 hours

Promoting Positive Gender Identity Development in Young Children

Increase your knowledge about how children develop gender identity. Examine how adults influence children’s ideas about gender and gender identity and how educators and families can facilitate healthy development. This training will examine our perspectives and provide ideas on how to expand your curriculum to support diversity.

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